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The Church of Tibrache started as a school to serve the educational needs of Leogane, Tibrache and surrounding communities. Tibrache is a rural community comprised of farming. The school was started by the Church of Amour in Leogane as an outreach to the adjacent rural community. The school grew because of the Superintendent Pastor refused to turn any child away, regardless of the ability of parents to finance the education of their children. As a result, God blessed HMI to partner with the School of Tibrache to solicit tuition support which provide a meal and purchase curriculum for orphaned and many other needy students. Years later, HMI vetted the school and ministry and began construction of the Church of Tibrache. Through fundraising and donor support the Church was dedicated in the name of Mike and Jean Fisher of Michigan, former missionaries to Haiti with more than 30 years of sacrifice and labor in Haiti.


The Church of Cabois is located approximately 30 miles outside of Leogane. In the hilly rural area away from large cities or suburbs, the town of Cabois is a quiet, agrarian community comprised primarily of small farms and livestock. Many of the people are small farmers who work and live off the land as they have done for generations. Because Cabois is an uphill drive, many of the town inhabitants catch the fresh rainwater as it travels downhill to bathe and laundry their clothes before it is filled with dirt. As local amenities are few, many local inhabitants benefit from the newly constructed church as a source of inspiration and as a school for their children. The Church of Cabois is a serves as a beacon to the many poor and destitute farmers and as hope to the children of the next generation.


The Church of Gressier is an answer to prayer. In 2012, at the dedication of the Church in Port-au-Prince, Gressier Church Founder, Pastor Leresse Clerin met the future HMI President, Dr. Phil Lucas and told him of his personal struggle to build a church and care for a family of 14+ people living in a single tent after the earthquake devastated much of Port-au-Prince and outlying areas. During this time Pastor Clerin rented a modest parcel of land just a few miles from the earthquake epicenter to hold church services. To maintain proof of ownership, he had to remain physically present on the land, especially at night to keep intruders from attempting to settle on it. This required that Pastor Clerin had to sleep on the land many nights under a cut-out oil drum, praying and crying out to God to send someone to help him. Over the years the Lord answered that prayer by sending HMI to help in numerous ways. When the campaign was launched to build the church, it was set as a memorial to Linda Steiner, the deceased wife of missionary, Wayne Steiner, who worked tirelessly to support the efforts of HMI from its inception.