Planned Church Dedication

Published July 14th, 2017 by Unknown

Pastor and Mrs. Leresse' Clerin

The Silo Church of God in Gressier, Haiti is currently under construction and preparing for dedication in early summer 2017. The church has been the dream of Pastor Leresse' Clerin since the earthquake ravaged Haiti in January 2010. Pastor Clerin and his 17 member family slept in a one room tent for almost two years after the earthquake without water, ventilation or sanitation. In an effort to retain his rights to the church property while his family slept in a tent nearby, Pastor Clerin had to spend many nights sleeping under a cut out oil barrel on the church property to prevent intruders from claiming ownership of the church property.

Wayne and Linda Steiner

The Silo Church of God will be dedicated in honor of the late Linda Steiner, wife of Haiti missionary, Wayne Steiner. Linda embraced her husband's call to missions under the leadership of the Mennonite Board of Missions, and supported his efforts to serve abroad in Chile, Belize, Haiti, and at home in the US as a member of the disaster relief team (Grundy, Richmond, West Virginia, Alabama, and Georgia) for most of their 46 year old married life. Linda embraced her call as wife, mother of their 2 children (one which served in missions to Chile at the age of 12), grandmother of 4, and supporter/prayer warrior for her husband, Wayne. Linda made many personal sacrifices to see the Kingdom of God advanced in Haiti. We thank God for her testimony.

Much is needed to make this church a reality for the village of Gressier. We need (1) donations for the Building Fund and (2) help to purchase benches for the Gressier church dedication. You may donate online at or by mail at Haiti Missions Incorporated (Post Office Box 9108, Hampton, VA 23670). All donations are tax deductible. HMI is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

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